Infant Car Seat Covers and Accessories

In today’s hectic and stressful environment an infant car seat cover is a must for so many reasons. Keeping your baby clean and safe is your primary concern considering all the germs and bacteria we encounter on a day to day basis. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just throw your car seat in a washing machine on a regular basis to keep it clean and germ free? Well that’s exactly what you can do. Easy to remove and machine washable you can ensure your babies traveling environment is always clean and safe. Purchasing a baby car seat is also an investment-something you can use for your next child or perhaps handed off to a friend or someone who has need of one when your done with it. Covers are perfect because you can re-create your seat and protect your initial investment by protecting the original upholstery or covering up upholstery that is not so pleasing to your eye. Coming in a variety of colors, patterns and textures you are sure to find something pleasing for you and your baby. There is also the added comfort and cushion for your baby. Babies can become tired with handling of their little bodies and adding a baby car seat cover can provide extra cuddles and peace for your child’s sensitive skin and frame. In our busy world there are so many things you need to do in a day- shopping, visiting, appointments and much more. Travel with your baby in comfort and style to all the busy events of your day knowing your baby is in a safe and clean environment where they can rest and be happy. With all the running around you have to do in your day instead of running to and fro looking at multiple stores to find the one you want let your fingers do the walking and shop online. This will save you so much time and ensure you get what you are looking for.Also available are infant car seat accessories which can make things much more comfortable for you and your baby. Personally I love the comfort and convenience of the bug nets and weather protectors that just slip over the car covers for large cars. There are many different accessories to choose from some for your babies comfort and many for yours. I hope you have found this article informing and that i have helped you with any questions or concerns you may have had. Have fun and happy shopping!


After being launched in September in the Brazilian market, the fifth generation of the Jeep® Cherokee is about to win the top version Trailhawk. More focused on off-road use, both in visual and technical specifications, the novelty will be shown to the public for the first time at the International Motor Show in São Paulo. The new Cherokee is already being sold under the Limited option and at the turn of the year will have the company not only of Trailhawk but also of Longitude. The model represents a new benchmark in the mid-sized luxury SUV segment, delivering design, technology, mechanics and dynamic behavior at high levels without losing traces of Jeep DNA, from styling characteristics to recognized off-road capability. “The Jeep Cherokee features a new style, nine-speed automatic gearbox, advanced engine, high off-road capability with two innovative 4 × 4 systems, over 60 safety features and many technology features,” said Mike Manley, president and CEO. Global CEO of the Jeep brand. The suggested price of the Jeep Cherokee Limited is $ 174,900, and the Longitude and Trailhawk versions are expected to fetch $ 159,900 and $ 189,900 respectively. The model is produced in the United States, in the historic and newly modernized Jeep factory in Toledo, Ohio.

Innovative design

The new Jeep Cherokee debuts an unprecedented style for the brand, thought for the future and with global appeal. The designers had the challenge of creating a vehicle that would propel the Jeep into a new era, but keeping details of the heritage coming in since 1941. The outer lines can be divided between the fluidity of the upper body and the robustness of the lower half. The first key element in the Jeep Cherokee is the cascading hood, with the traditional seven-split grille highlighting a horizontal fold, salvaged from several Jeep classics such as the Wrangler from 1987 to 1995 (YJ code). Another highlight at the front is the three-part optical assembly, where the tapered LED daytime running lights in the upper position appear, which appear to be the main xenon headlights (Limited and Trailhawk versions). These, in fact, are the central lights. The lower ones are the fog lights. LED flashlights are also the back lamps. The Trailhawk version, in turn, increases the appeal of robustness, living up to the greatest off-road potential, guaranteed by the Trail Rated emblem, previously unheard of in Brazil. This seal is applied only to the configuration more prepared for the practice of off-road within the line of certain model. The bumpers are more aggressive (to improve the entry and exit angles), there are red details such as tow hooks, and others that in the Limited version are chrome or silver, in Trailhawk are painted black. Inside, the Jeep Cherokee is as modern as it is on the outside, as well as being cozy and comfortable. The sophisticated design evidences the use of high quality materials and careful finishing. Overall, the cabin is soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye, both for the driver and for the passengers.

Technology and Interactivity

The new Jeep Cherokee offers state-of-the-art technology while being easy to use. On the dashboard, the driver has access to a range of vehicle information on a TFT LCD screen up to 7 inches without his having to take his hands off the steering wheel and eyes of the track. At the center of the panel is the award-winning Uconnect multimedia system with a touch screen up to 8.4 inches with its attractive and accessible controls. Through this LCD you can control the sound, climate control, heating and ventilation functions of the front seats, GPS navigation, telephone, among others. The system includes Bluetooth connectivity, capable of playback via streaming audio, plus USB, analog and SD card inputs. The sound is distributed by up to nine speakers and one subwoofer.

Convenience and practicality

All occupants of the new Jeep Cherokee receive special treatment that goes beyond the silence of the mechanical assembly and the comfort of the suspensions. Starting with the legroom of the rear passengers, far superior to the previous generation. Divided into 60/40, the rear seat is also reclining and sliding. In the Limited and Trailhawk versions, the Command View panoramic ceiling delivers a sense of breadth and freedom unparalleled. And the front seats of these settings are also heated / ventilated and electrically adjustable, including lumbar adjustment. The versatility for cargo transportation is also enormous. On the left-hand side of the trunk is the Jeep Cargo Management System – a rack where you can hold smaller objects or attach hooks to secure Mopar bags and accessories for specific applications.

Modern and efficient mechanics

The new Jeep Cherokee features a state-of-the-art mechanical assembly with the Chrysler Group’s first nine-speed automatic gearbox that works to make driving as smooth as possible under all conditions. This ZF 948TE gearbox equips all versions of the new SUV, providing strong acceleration and progressive delivery of power, with almost imperceptible gear changes. Of course, it helps a lot to reduce fuel consumption. The transmission manages to get the best possible performance from another novelty in the Chrysler Group, the 3.2-liter Pentastar V6 engine. First variant of the consecrated Pentastar V6 3.6, it delivers 271 horsepower and 32.2 kgfm of torque. All this with extremely low noise levels, vibration and roughness, and even with the ability to tow 2,041 kg when equipped with the specific Mopar coupling kit. This unique combination of powertrain and transmission is just one of the reasons for the refined dynamic behavior of the Jeep Cherokee. The chassis also has tremendous contribution to the rolling comfort and great stability presented by the newest luxury SUV on the market. With about 65% of the structure made of high strength steel, the Cherokee has an extremely strong and solid monoblock, with high torsional stiffness. It is the ideal basis for independent suspensions to work accurately. At the front, the architecture is McPherson and the rear, multilink, with subchassis on both axles. The steering, of electric assistance, follows the same standard of excellence. It operates smoother and more efficient and less noise than a hydraulic system.

4 × 4 typical Jeep capability

Equipping the Longitude and Limited versions of the new Jeep Cherokee, the Jeep Active Drive I system has fully automatic power transfer unit, making the traction become integral whenever necessary in situations of lack of grip. In the asphalt, it helps to correct the overhang and the overhang, for example. Outside it, the system makes the SUV surpass varied terrain, always with more security. In the Trail hawk configuration, the system used is the Jeep Active Drive Lock. Even more advanced, it adds rear differential lock and reduced. Other unique features that also target the most challenging off-road driving practice are the HDC and the off-road speed control, which operates on the plane and climbs. With these Selec-Speed ​​Control equipment, the Jeep Cherokee automatically manages the speed at very low and safe levels, to overcome rocks, to go down and climb great obstacles and to travel through floors of low adhesion, leaving the driver responsible only for controlling the direction. In both 4 × 4 traction systems, the renowned Selec-Terrain traction control is present. In Active Drive I, the selector switch has Auto, Snow, Sport and Sand / Mud modes, providing the best possible control in these terrain and driving situations. Selec-Terrain operates electronically in 12 systems, including engine, gearbox, brakes, stability control (ESC), among others. With the Active Drive Lock traction of the Jeep Cherokee Trail hawk, Select-Terrain also has the Rock option.

Trail Rated

The Jeep Cherokee Trail hawk will be the first model of the brand in Brazil to have Jeep’s Trail Rated off-road excellence seal. For all its differentials, of style and equipment, it is the version of Cherokee more capable for the driving off-road. Receiving the “Trail Rated” emblem on the front fenders indicates that the vehicle has passed a series of Jeep off-road tests on the following parameters: traction, articulation, ground clearance and manoeuvrability and immersion. The inlet and outlet angles – 29.8 ° and 32.1 °, respectively – are higher than in the other versions due to the unique bumpers. Mixed-use tires are also more suitable for driving on unpaved terrain. The Jeep Active Drive Lock features rear differential locking, which can be turned on at any time with the reduced, and comes into effect automatically in certain Selec-Terrain modes, such as the exclusive “Rock”, to maximize the capacity reduction of traction.


Maintaining a tradition of the Chrysler Group, the new Jeep Cherokee is designed to have more than 60 active and passive safety items. This care already begins in the monoblock, in which 65% of the structure is made of high strength steel. In addition, there are seven airbags (two front, two side, two curtain and one for the driver’s knees), active front head restraints, electronic stability control (ESC), electronic scroll control (ERM) Parkview with dynamic lines, ABS brakes, among other items.